Expansion. On Stepping Outside of Ourselves.

In this article we will delve deeply into the meaning of the word Expansion and how it actually translates itself into Energy that can be seen, touched and perceived. Furthermore, we will explain how Expansion is synonymous with Change and how it has nothing to do with Constructing and Growing.

Sometimes in my waking dreams I am a tear of the Universe and I hold the Infinite within myself. The Universe itself doesn’t understand me, and that is precisely why I have been created. I appear when It doesn’t have more room for emotions per se, regardless of their nature. It could be anything from joy to depression, bliss to anger, sadness to happiness.

I am treated like a stranger in my own land. Hardly ever welcome, neither from the Universe that creates me nor from the One who’s watching … Although is liberation that I bring with me … relief, one of those feelings that the Universe craves so much …

Hear me out, it’s not that I feel frustrated about it. I can only feel what the Universe feels the moment it creates me. The rest of the time … Well, I am in his Eye and so I observe …

Universe, let me dry onto your skin so you will finally accept me as part of Yourself, so you will see all the reasons I am here for as part of Yourself, so you will finally accept violence, conflict, pain, grief, anger, joy, happiness, bliss as Yourself instead of ignoring them, dismissing them, running away from them, rejecting them.

Universe, all I am asking is to transform myself from this mercury tear that I am into the purest liquid crystal ever imagined, ever existed, ever created …

picture from Mayank Dhanawade

For Expansion to happen, Deconstruction needs to take place.

If you wonder Why ? the reason is in the fact that nothing can be subjected to Expansion on unstable and improper foundations or the whole structure will collapse. Since our psyches have been fed by an environment based on falsehood ( a toxic and evil based society ) self-deconstruction is necessary for Expansion.

Therefore, Expansion itself cannot be synonym with building oneself up, with learning more by using the same old sources, with accumulating knowledge by studying the same way as we have been accustomed to … unless self-deconstruction has occurred.

Spirituality and direct experience have to happen, to be instilled in our being so that we can then go back to that same knowledge above mentioned from a space of not knowing, having reached the very first source of Truth …

Only then we can return to what we have been accustomed to, being able from now on to bring Expansion in everything we think of, say, do, create, envision, touch, feel and experience …

Deconstructing all the paradigms and theories, all the assumptions and attachments that have been installed in ourselves is fundamental to see things as they are, rather than as we’ve been taught to see them by our collective ego structures.

As Deconstruction takes place, some space is freed up within ourselves and there is now room for change to occur. And so Change becomes synonymous with Expansion, as we step outside of ourselves, as we go beyond ourselves, as we consciously dissolve into Infinite Possibilities.

The invitation here is to understand Expansion not only on an intellectual level, through diagrams, measurements and comfort zone theories but to actually embrace it on a more fundamental level by becoming it, by finding out what triggers it in oneself and cultivating it on a daily basis.

Building, growing and progressing belong to the past … to the Middle Age of the Soul, as they are nothing but an illusion, a product of the ego to sustain itself in the delusion of the possibility of achieving something … whereas our never-changing Essence resides exclusively on Change and Transformation …

… See you on the other side, of yourself.

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